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“We love stocking and selling the Homeless Made products. Its such a brilliant way to support their work. The cards always draw comment from our customers when they buy them " - Alistair Milne (Picture London Framing)
Labres Hope Soap - Blood Orange & Botanicals
John's "Don't worry I will go to the shops later on tonight" tote bag
Sunflowers T-Shirt by Lui
This is a Horseshoe T-shirt by John Sheehy
Labres Hope Soap - Gentle & Sensitive
Labres Hope Soap - Lift Me Up Litsea
Little Man T-shirt by John Sheehy
Landscape T-shirt by Lui
Lemon T-shirt by John Sheehy
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Guan Chow

John Sheehy

Lui Saatchi

Mary Vallely

Michael Crosswaite


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Wednesday 12th July - 6pm - 8pm

The class:
Searching for some creative things to do in London? Why not learn to paint our signature rainbow tree with our Homeless Made artist Guan?

During this painting class, you will unwind and unleash your creativity in a relaxed environment at The Barons Court Project. 

At this painting workshop, you will be guided step-by-step as you paint The Rainbow Tree. To help you relax as you paint, Guan will take you through the painting process step by step. 

What you'll learn:
All about Homeless Made and the support we provide as a charity.
Methods for using acrylic paint.
Techniques for sketching the tree shape and applying colour.

    What you'll get:
    All professional-grade materials are included with full assistance in completing your piece. You will get more attention and help to complete your piece as this class is limited to a maximum of 10 people per session.

    Refreshments: A meal and drinks provided. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.

    Perfect for beginners, this masterclass will build your confidence and is for everyone who wants to learn how to paint with a new technique. 

    Walk away with your beautiful Rainbow Tree masterpiece along with your newfound art skills and confidence!
    Project address:
    Barons Court Project, 69 Talgarth Road, Hammersmith, W14 9DD

    How to get here:
    By tube: Barons Court/West Kensington

    Note: The session will start EXACTLY on time. Please allow enough time to get to the project at least 10 minutes ahead of time. We will be waiting at the main door of the project during this time. Once the class has started, we won't be able to fetch you downstairs, as it would be unfair to leave the others for anyone arriving late. We will not be able to respond to texts and emails when the class has started.

    Please note: No refund or rescheduling will be issued for latecomers due to processing fees.

    T&C for cancellation:
    A full refund can only be given within 14 days from the initial date of booking. You can reschedule your class provided we are given at least 7 days' notice before your class date. Unfortunately, we are unable to change any bookings if less than 7 days' notice is given.
     Knowledge required
    Completely beginner-friendly!

      To book your place: 
      The Class will cost £50 - Places are limited. 
      To book, please email tim@baronscourtproject.org

      "With art my emotions changed and I stopped feeling like a victim"

      If you could only bring 2 songs and one object onto a desert island, what would you choose?

      Song: Somewhere over the rainbow
      Song: I will survive
      Item: A camera


      We asked Guan, what his advice would be to people just starting out with art or for those who don't have much confidence in their artistic abilities?


      You don't need to be Picasso to be a great artist, the end product doesn't have to be a masterpiece. Be creative, be free to express your feelings in drawings. Just enjoy it, whatever you've created as it is unique to yourself.


      I tend to explore anything that attracts my attention in everyday life, objects, colours, shapes, nature.

      Carrying on with our 'Meet The Artist' blog, we spoke to Guan about his involvement with Home(less)Made and how art has helped him over the years.

      How long have you been drawing for and how often do you do art?
      I have been doing it for nearly 2 years or more but prior to this I had a few ideas of painting and drawing. I do it to pass the time and for pleasure. I never really put much thought into it until 3 years ago when I was submitted to stay at Crisis House. I started to paint to pass the time during my 3 weeks stay there.
      What is your technique? What do you enjoy painting/drawing?
      After I was discharged from Crisis House I started to pick up drawing seriously. I started to explore several drawing techniques, you name it. By painting it lets me express my mood and feelings into my paintings. It gives me a great escape from reality.
      What is your best experience or memory associated with art?
      When I was staying at Crisis House in Highbury Corner Islington, MP Jeremy Corbin paid me a visit regarding my artwork. He had heard about my work and liked it. We chatted for an hour about it and he gave me some advice on art.
      Which piece of art are you most proud of /what is your favorite design?

      'Tree of Life - Rainbow Tree’ which I have painted in several designs. It gets so many positive responses from people. One of my canvas’ raised a good amount of money at a fundraising event in 2019. Many friends of mine have requested this painting and I am proud that people own it.

      How has painting/drawing had a positive effect on you?
      I do it as part of my mindfulness exercise routine which enables me to be more focused in life. It lifts up my mood when I’m painting with colours and feel happier.
      How has your involvement in home(less)made been?
      I am so excited and always looking forward to the weekly ‘arts class’. It has become part of my weekly structure and routine. It serves a purpose in my everyday life. It has lifted my confidence in painting and makes me feel proud that many cards have sold and that my art is appreciated.
      What are your interests or hobbies outside of art?
      I like walking and cooking. All kinds of music, it depends on my mood.

      "I find it very therapeutic and relaxing when I paint. I can focus more and concentrate which helps with my mental health and improves my wellbeing."

      What do you enjoy about home(less) made?
      I am so grateful that BCP let me have the chance to use the room to do painting. I enjoy the atmosphere with friendly staff and fellow colleagues involved, especially during the ongoing pandemic period we are in. I don't fell isolated as I can talk and chat with people. What I enjoy most is how my painting s have inspired many of my fellow colleagues. They are starting to use vibrant and colourful paint for their drawings. I shows that my paintings have a great impact for others.
      Has Home(less) Made been helpful to you and, if so, how
      Greatly, in many ways. For one, it has helped me to structure my weekly routine. It makes me feel useful and worthwhile towards the community with the money raised for the charity. It makes me feel more confident and positive in person and in life.
      What have you got out of Home(less) Made that you didn't expect to?
      It has made an impact on my life. I see things more positive with my attitude and my mental health state. I fell that I am useful to the community, helping the charity sector. It has made me feel that there is a purpose in life and it has changed my outlook on life.
      Tell us one things we don't know about you!
      I was a record holder in 100 and 200 metres in my primary school for several years and won many athletic prizes for my country (Malaysia). I represented my country in athletics for a few years.
      Want to commission an original piece?