Meet Guan

How long have you been drawing for and how often do you do art?

I have been doing it for nearly two years or more but prior to this I had a few ideas of painting and drawing. I do it to pass the time and for pleasure. I never really put much thought into it until three years ago when I was submitted to stay at Crisis House. I started to paint to pass the time during my three week stay there.

What is your technique? What do you enjoy painting/drawing? 

After I was discharged from Crisis House I started to pick up drawing seriously. I started to explore several drawing techniques, you name it. By painting it lets me express my mood and feelings into my paintings. It gives me a great escape from reality.

What is your best experience or memory associated with art? 

When I was staying at Crisis House in Highbury Corner Islington, MP Jeremy Corbin paid me a visit regarding my artwork. He had heard about my work and liked it. We chatted for an hour about it and he gave me some advice on art.