Meet Lui 1

How long have you been drawing for and how often do you do art?

Just over 2 years. Most days, either doing art myself or learning from other artists online such as YouTube tutorials.

What is your technique? What do you enjoy painting/drawing? 

Acrylic is what I would normally use, sometimes I would use watercolours. I enjoy painting landscapes. 

What made you start drawing/doing art?  

I wanted to relax and keep my mind focused on something creative. Also, to stop my mind from thinking negatively and have a way of escaping negative aspects of life and living

Where do you draw artistic inspiration from?   

I draw inspiration from other artists and the environment. Sometimes I like to paint about politics and things that have affected me in my life. 

What do you enjoy and find most helpful about your involvement with HomeLess Made?   

That we can help in raising funds for the project and help people who may not be interested in art. We get to practice our art whilst helping those in need. It’s extremely helpful as it has provided a space, safe environment and art materials. Since Covid-19 I have had nowhere to paint other than the cemetery and park. It’s so nice to come to the project and socialise with others.