Meet Dave Martin

Meet Dave Martin

How long have you been creating art for and how often do you do art?

In 2016 I had a placement at the Northern Trust Bank, organised by with The Big Issue. At meal times I had two hours to myself and I just started thinking about colours, and it came from there. Selling The Big Issue takes a lot of my time, but I have started working extra hours during the week so I can work in my studio at weekends. (It’s actually a cupboard, but I have turned it into a studio!)

What is your technique? What do you enjoy painting/drawing? 

I call it abstract, but other people describe it as “collage”. I guess I’d like to call it “Abstract cut outs”. A piece of art begins when I come across two colours that just match. Sometimes I’ll create a piece with three colours, but that’s the limit at the moment. I create simple designs that marry the colours up together. The design, the shape, and the colours have to work together.

There’s one of my postcards, it really moves. Just because of the vibrance of the colour. It keeps distracting me in my peripheral vision. I have great peripheral vision. People try and creep up on me but they don’t have a chance, like my mate at Tesco. He’s got a yellow jacket - I see him a mile off

What is your best experience or memory associated with art? 

When I had my first exhibition. The data firm, Dunhumby, next to my pitch put it on for me. I was so excited and proud to have my work on display. That was a private exhibition, my first gallery exhibition was at the Jealous Gallery. It was put together by The Big Issue, so famous street artists like Ben Ine and Charming Baker were involved! I was proud to be among them.

Also when my website, went online Gavin Ireland is a graphic designer and he set it up for me, and I really felt like I was moving up. I still need some help with publicity and getting my work out there. I worry that people are wary about buying direct from me online, giving their address to some random guy on the internet. That’s what I’d like from HomeLess Made, to become more well known for my art, so I can sell more and move onwards and upwards.