Apply to be a HomeLess Made Artist

 Please note: HomeLess Made have recently expanded our Artist Collective and are not recruiting new members at the moment. We are now focused on expanding our reach and generating sustainable income for our existing members.


 However if you are interested in joining us in the future, you are very welcome to apply using the process below. We will keep your application on file and get in touch with you when we are looking for new members.


Are you a talented artist experiencing homelessness or a mental health condition?

Apply to become a HomeLess Made artist!


HomeLess Made's artist collective brings together talented artists with lived experience of homelessness or a mental health condition. Selling your work commercially can bring a huge boost of self-esteem, empowering you to take the next step in pursuing a creative career.

We'll work with you to create commercial opportunities for your artwork and offer the support you need to create - including mentoring, art materials and a safe, quiet space to work.

HomeLess Made is a social enterprise created by Barons Court Project, a homelessness and mental health charity. All profits made by HomeLess Made are split 50/50 between our artists and the charity. This empowers each artist to earn income for themselves, and ensures the sustainability of our programme.

Your commitment

As a HomeLess Made artist you will have control over any opportunity we pursue to generate income with your work, and have an active role in decision making at our social enterprise, collaborating with other artists and our experienced team. You will need to commit to attending Barons Court Project at least once a fortnight to discuss your work and products.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunity before you apply, email


How to apply


Please fill in the application form below or post it to:

HomeLess Made at Barons Court Project, 69 Talgarth Road, W14 9DD

We will be in touch with you within four weeks of receiving your application.


or click here to download the application as a word document to email or post.


We know that not everyone will have access to a computer or be IT literate! We are also accepting referrals on behalf of new artists, and can offer phone or face to face interviews in place of the application form. We must be able to see examples of artwork from new prospective artists.

What are we looking for?


Every two weeks our judging panel will assess new applications and shortlist candidates. The judging panel consists of the Social Enterprise Manager, current HomeLess Made artists, and staff from Barons Court Project. You will need to demonstrate:


Lived experience
To be a HomeLess Made artist, you must have experienced or be experiencing homelessness or a mental health condition.


Interest in HomeLess Made
You must be able to communicate why you want to be a HomeLess Made artist and demonstrate your commitment to actively engaging with the programme and working supportively with other artists as a collective.


Artistic ability
You do not need to have any level of training or professional experience to be a HomeLess Made artist. We are looking for raw artistic talent, and a love of art. Your work can be in any medium or style, and does not need to be similar to the work created by current HomeLess Made artists. We will assess whether we see commercial opportunities for your artwork, to ensure that the programme is of value to you.